Discover nearby Bluetooth peripherals
and inspect their services for
characteristics and information.

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Free • iOS and macOS
  • View information and signal strength for all peripherals and devices, updating in real time as you move around.
  • Get battery level for your own Apple devices (signed into the same primary iCloud account) — no need to install the app on all your devices.
  • See model identification broadcast by devices around you, mapping the Apple device identifier to the marketing name.
  • Extract software and firmware version strings from devices broadcasting this information.
  • Read any characteristic's value, even for services not well known and are custom to the device being interrogated.
  • Write characteristic values back to the peripheral as string, numeric or hex (pro).
  • See a history of the value of a characteristic since the session started, timestamped to when the value changed (pro).
Download on the App Store
Free • iOS and macOS

Constant use of Bluetooth connectivity can drain your device's battery. Bluetooth connectivity is only used when this app is in the foreground and up to a few seconds after being backgrounded.