New Releases

  • Bluetooth Inspector

    Bluetooth Inspector

    Discover nearby Bluetooth peripheralsand inspect their services forcharacteristics and information. View information and signal strength for all peripherals and devices, updating in real time as you move around. Get battery level for your own Apple devices (signed into the same primary iCloud account) — no need to install the app on all your devices. See model …

  • Accessibility Inspector

    Accessibility Inspector

    Accessibility features help you customise your iPhone for your individual needs.Configure and then triple-click the side button to toggle accessibility features on or off.

  • Arrowed


    Point these little arrows in circles at iMessages you send and receive. These 72 stickers are available in 9 colours and 8 arrow directions.

  • Lighthouse Score

    Lighthouse Score

    Use 6 rating parameters to produce your Speed Score the way Google ranks your site. See how your score is calculated.Change the score or value directly using the graph and watch the outcome on the individual metric and the overall Speed Score. Improve your SEO.Benchmark your site against your competitors. Improve your knowledge.Explanations for calculations …

Thomas Deacon Academy

  • TDA Planner

    TDA Planner

    Thomas Deacon Academy's Planner app provides students with access to their timetable and other important information regarding TDA, including school-wide information and news. Keep up-to-date with TDA news and information, with term dates and events. Get information about the school, including the department leads and contact information. Free on the App Store

  • Thomas Deacon Academy Enrichment

    Thomas Deacon Academy Enrichment

    Find extra curricular activities offered byThomas Deacon Academy Enrichmentwith the official TDA Enrichment app. Quick reference for the timetable, including when the activity is on and where you need to meet to join in. Find out about new activities and don't miss your favourite club by keeping up-to-date with changes to the timetable. Get involved …